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The torsion spring is also known as leg spring. This special type of spring is always required when a torque has to be generated in a device. Alternatively, the torsion spring made by Rainbow Springs is used to collect rotational energy. As can already be seen from these two application examples, this type of spring is a mechanical energy storage device. If the spring is tensioned, it absorbs the torque through a rotary or angular movement through its legs and through tension. The delivery takes place now of relaxation on the same path.

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RSM Measurements - Torsion Spring Manufacturer in Rajkot, Gujarat
RSM Measurements - Torsion Spring Manufacturer in Rajkot, Gujarat

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Spring steel wire is used to manufacture torsion springs. This is given the desired shape mainly in the cold forming process. When calculating the required tension, the position and length of the legs deserve special attention. This increases with the length of the leg and the distance between the force application point and the spring body.

Torsion springs are helical springs that are bent around an axis and whose material is designed for bending. Leg springs store the potential energy and are essentially responsible for the functionality of the movement. Leg springs usually consist of a spring body with a certain diameter and a certain number of turns and two legs. In contrast to other springs, the legs of these torsion springs work like a lever and can therefore optimally initiate the torque.

As leading the manufacture of torsion springs, we only use selected materials that are subject to strict quality regulations. We have common materials in (almost) all dimensions in stock. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of the ideal material for your industrial torsion springs.

The best-known form of the leg spring is probably the clothespin. But torsion springs are also used in many technical areas. At Rainbow Springs, we offer you technically sophisticated leg springs for every requirement, with spring bodies and leg shapes in various designs: from torsion springs to torsion springs and coil springs to double leg springs. We can manufacture almost all conceivable spring designs and leg shapes. For your very individual needs.