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Industrial springs and small spring parts of precision and high quality, since 1960.

We Produce industrial springs on custom request. Every single order moves from a specific need that requires knowledge and experience. In collaboration with the customer, we study dedicated and specific solutions, with high precision and reliability.

We believe in technological updating and we continuously invest in industrial and instrumental renewal.

Our production is specific for the industrial sector; the sectors in which our springs can be used are mainly listed below.

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Rainbow springs is a leader in industrial springs manufacturing. For more than 10 years, it has carefully developed high-quality butterfly spring products for various applications in the oil and gas industry. We have extensive experience in valve applications and shock absorption systems. Special materials such as corrosion-resistant, high-temperature or anti-magnetic applications are suitable for a variety of different types of geometries to meet your needs.

As leading the manufacture of Industrial springs, we only use selected materials that are subject to strict quality regulations. We have common materials in (almost) all dimensions in stock. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of the ideal material for your custom industrial springs.

Rainbow’s profound knowledge of high-pressure spring beading guarantees long-term service life and performance reliability. With an international network, continuous research on new technologies and a high-quality engineering team, no matter where you need high strength in a small environment, we can provide you with the best design and solutions.


Industrial Spring Supplier in Gujarat

Rainbow Spring Manufacturing also supplies various types of industrial springs like compression springs, die springs and other types with an outer diameter of up to 800 mm in Gujarat and India as well. We have a large stock of raw materials, complete internal processing, free tool production and cold rolling mills. Even for the most special butterfly spring design, we can not only shorten the transportation time, but also save costs. The well-equipped testing laboratory allows us to meet almost all customer testing requirements.

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