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Industiral Spring Manufacturer
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From Technical drawing to Providing Samples, you can count on us to customize springs to fit your applications.
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Rainbow Spring Manufacturer

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Rainbow Springs specializes in the design and production of industrial springs that are exposed to the highest levels of stress. One focus is on the area of ​​tool / piece clamping for mechanical engineering. In addition, we develop individual spring technology for other high-tech industries such as mobility, medical technology, or aerospace technology. The portfolio includes the multi-wire, flat-wire and round-wire springs, spring sets and special springs. Outside diameters of less than 2 millimeters to 275 millimeters can be realized.

As an independent family company with over 10 years of experience, we offer our customers and employees long-term planning and security. We have the entire process chain in-house, from spring design and wire rolling to tool construction and production. Our custom springs are precisely the hidden elements that ensure safety and smooth operation.

Our production program includes springs like compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, DIE springs in almost every design. According to customer requirements and needs, we use round and flat wire materials in wire thicknesses from 0.3 to 20 mm. Whenever it comes to the highest dynamic loads, constant spring characteristics under temperature stress or reliable corrosion resistance, Rainbow Springs is your partner for realizing the highest demands.

For each application, we individually select the suitable material for the spring, suitable for the load, the ambient conditions, etc. We then develop the optimal spring geometry with an ideal wire profile for your individual requirements. This tailor-made solution is implemented promptly in our production, where highly qualified personnel work on the most modern machines. Since we have consistently developed our testing technology to the highest level in recent years, we offer our customers the opportunity to test spring applications in advance under realistic conditions. That gives security!

As elastic components, springs yield under load and return to their original shape when the load is removed. Almost all applications in which tension springs, torsion springs, DIE springs are used are based on this function. Among other things, they are used to move machine parts and to close or open switching contacts. When pre-tensioned, they can be used as drive energy or as a restoring force in switches and torque wrenches. They are also used as a force-fit connection – for example with door stops or friction clutches, for load distribution on a trampoline or with systems that can vibrate, in which kinetic energy is converted into potential energy with the help of spring systems and absorbed.

Springs are technical components made of spring steel that can be elastically deformed. They give in to a load and absorb force in the process. When they relax, they release this energy and return to their original form. Steel springs are available in a variety of shapes, materials and for different areas of application. Springs consist of spring band steels, spring steel sheets or spring steel wires, among other things. In addition, springs made of rubber and fiber-reinforced plastics as well as gas pressure springs that use gases as an aid for suspension can be made. Most types of feathers get their name from their appearance. One speaks of shaped springs, ribbon springs, flat springs, leaf springs, of spring clips or spring clips, of spiral springs, disc springs, wave springs, conical springs, barrel springs or ring springs. In addition, there are types of springs that owe their names to their respective functions. Examples of this are compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, tapered springs or DIE springs.