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Die springs are preferably chosen for constructions where a very high force is required with limited installation dimensions.

Die springs are selected based on the opening and shaft diameter. There must be enough space for a die spring to work freely and therefore it is not the physical dimensions of the die spring that is decisive, but the installation dimensions.

The hole diameter is not the outer diameter of the tool spring, but indicates the diameter for an opening in which the tool spring can work. The maximum spring travel should not be used or exceeded, as this significantly shortens the service life of the tool spring.

In order to avoid shock loads, a tool spring must always be installed preloaded.

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RSM Measurements - DIE Spring Manufacturer in Rajkot, Gujarat
RSM Measurements - DIE Spring Manufacturer in Rajkot, Gujarat

DIE Springs Gujarat

Rainbow Springs Manufacturer sells die springs at wholesale and retail prices. When placing an application for the calculation and manufacture of DIE springs, you need to consult with our specialists to clarify all the details and accurately draw up a technical task for your order, which will take into account all the necessary parameters: the diameter and height of the spring, the material used.

DIE springs are round flat springs include disc springs and spring washers. They are used as a single spring or in combination. Spring washers are devices that are suitable for certain screw connections. DIE springs are characterized by their high strength and are also particularly compact. As a result, they are often used in confined spaces with high forces. DIE springs can be manufactured using the stamping process with subsequent cold forming and edge rounding.
A special feature: force and spring deflection can be changed by layering to form a die spring column. DIE springs generate a digressive spring characteristic.

As the leading manufacture of DIE springs, we only use selected materials that are subject to strict quality regulations. We have common materials in (almost) all dimensions in stock. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of the ideal material for your industrial DIE springs.

DIE spring (alloy steel) has good elasticity. It is good in toughness, not easy to break under the impact force. In addition, they are very strong and last a long time under repeated loads.
The die spring is strengthened and strengthened. The surface structure can be strengthened, the strength of the stress concentration point is increased, and the life of the spring is extended. The die springs are stiffer than conventional custom springs. Applications with high loads, but also for various other applications. Die spring is made of spring steel with high temperature resistance and good toughness.
Wide range of applications: DIE springs can be used for light industry, automotive, machine building, mold making, electrical appliances (such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, electric lamps, automobiles, furniture, power outlets, water heaters, calculators , household appliances, motors, mobile telephones, lamps, fans, 3D printers).