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Tension springs are a simple, mechanical, and inexpensive solution for all uncontrolled closing and return movements.
Rainbow Springs provide our customers with a variety of different solutions. We attach particular importance to the best possible connection to the periphery, since the introduction of force usually forms the weak point of a tension spring that limits the service life.
In addition, we offer our customers numerous special treatments such as shot peening in the clamped state or coatings in order to perfectly match the tension spring to the respective application.

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RSM Measurements - Tension Spring Manufacturer in Rajkot, Gujarat
RSM Measurements - Tension Spring Manufacturer in Rajkot, Gujarat

Tension Springs Gujarat

Tension springs are helically wound or wound from round wire with no pitch spacing and are – as the name suggests – geared towards pulling movements. Extension springs store and transfer forces by pulling the spring ends apart. The force is introduced via the eyelets or connection elements and the stored energy is partially released again when the spring is pulled together.

Rainbow Springs offers you an extensive range of cylindrical or conically wound tension springs and Extension springs with individually designed eyelet shapes and positions for your specific installation situation. We produce tension springs with eyes in various designs, with English eyes, hook eyes, screw-in pieces, with rolled hooks or threaded bolts. We also manufacture custom springs with the appropriate spring ends for screw-in parts that are provided by the customer, for example. Since all of our production systems are equipped with laser testing technology, we can guarantee the highest level of precision in the production of our springs.

As the leading manufacture of tension springs, we only use selected materials that are subject to strict quality regulations. We have common materials in (almost) all dimensions in stock. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of the ideal material for your industrial tension springs.

Tension springs are used in many areas of mechanical engineering, for example in body and vehicle construction, in plant and device construction or in mechanics. They occur in drum brakes, relays and locks, among other things. Additionally our tension springs are mainly installed in vehicles such as mobile homes, pick-ups or vans to prevent difficult braking, lurching in bends or problems keeping in lane. For more requirements of tension springs, contact us.

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